November 24th, 2004


Some things are hard to do...

Disconnected a phone line today....

called in and coldly told Verizon to nuke it.

Thing is that this was the phone line Circular Logic, my old BBS (running TriBBs,) used for 5 years, and one which I used a couple other BBS programs on for a few months before and a few month's after Circular Logic was official. I think I used a windows-based bbs for about two weeks as late as 2001.

I'd hung on to the line for years, sometimes using it (during power outages) to get to the wider world when the cable modem was offline. Feels strange not to have a back-up modem line in the house, though of course at one time I needed such since I was also overseeing a statewide "lifeline" style BBS called the CAN (Citizen Access Network) and MMP -- Maine Meeting Place -- a statewide network for folks with disabilities.

Gone. Last link. Sigh.


So I went online and found:

Guess I ought to fill in my info ... we had links around the world... met some of the folks now active in Friends of Liad when they showed up in Fidonet or other networks we shared messages with... met people from Finland, Norway, Sweden - -readers of our stuff when hardly anyone knew we were still around!

Met a lot of great people (and some not so great ones, too) through Circular Logic; led a project to help support the local cat rescue place when food got short one year; met the people who got me involved with groups that led to the jobs I had after I left Maine Computer Connection... wheee... what a ride that was!
MMP. CAN. Mountainside workshops with the "clients" and the "providers." Hah! Chances to drive all over the state, chances to wrestle with and sometimes prevail over the forces of complication known as non-profit organizations, chance to help people who really needed help... and to suffer regret when some of those people turned their back on available help. Learned to despise and distrust certain kinds of help and understand why some of those backs were turned.

Got me some experience, and got me some attitude. And those led to working as Internet Librarian for Unimation, in Unity, which led to SRM Publisher's official Unity presence... the interconnectedness of all things is apparent yet again.

OK. Got to get busy.

Next ten years? Your turn!
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