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it came out of the wordwork

Can we hide?
Yesterday... we bopped off to Bangor where we did a tour of the Bangor Mall, went across the street to Borders for Jim Hetley's book signing -- his first ever -- for The Winter Oak; we also saw Kristin Britain, who came by to get her book autographed, too...

Have plans for today, so I stopped by the newsroom while waiting for coffee and discovered this bit from Mr. J.P. Devine in one of the local papers. J.P. is an actual person and an actor, writer, bon vivant and gadly well-known around here. I should mention that Mr. Devine has, more than once, been offered free plane tickets (one way, of course) to any place on he'd rather be on Earth. I saw one of those offers in yesterday's paper. If he did it right, he could probably fly around the world, one country at a time.

The bit starts out with...

"Hey! Wake up. Don't get cozy. We are a Blue State, but Red Staters are loose amongst us,"


So, plans for today include more coffee, signing, maybe some writing. Maybe some cat scritching. Stuff. Later.