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it came out of the wordwork

Unexpectedly... chapbooks in hand
Unexpectedly,I was able this afternoon to rush to Augusta and return with...
*600* copies of With Stars Underfoot. Which looks good. Sharon managed to call in an extra 100 copies to the order yesterday -- just in time, apparently.

I'll be happy when the new bridge across the Kennebec is opened tomorrow -- my drive to-and-fro would have been quicker and easier, shorter and more comfortable. I may wander down there to drive the new route just for the heck of it sometime this weekend.

So, tonight, we'll sign some of the 400 plus that have been pre-ordered -- the exact number keeps growing because some of the folks who told us they were sending that check in the mail *right now* some weeks back are finally getting them in.

Tomorrow evening we'll sign more, I expect (tomorrow day being scheduled elsewhere), and some on Sunday and so on until we'll be able to start packing (which is a different kettle of drums entire) so we can mail Friday and Saturday. I expect there may be two mail runs on Friday... we'll check with the Postmaster to see how he prefers to be inundated.

Else, the day was spent getting acclimated to the new stove, grabbing cranberry cake pie recipes off the web, visiting with the twins (a pair of rescued b&w coon-cat lookalikes we can't afford to take in, but who are still looking for home,)finding a measuring cup set which includes a 2/3 and a 3/4 cup measures...and doing some work.

Am pleased that the chapbooks are done early. That means we'll have time to relax on Thanksgiving. As was, I thought we'd be working all day, except for dinner.

And now, to find the signing pens and organize the living room into a book-signing parlor. We usually celebrate new books with a glass of sherry or amaretto... and I think I forgot the amaretto when I was out today, so I'll hope we have sherry. If my signature's a bit odd in your chapbook, that's my bad handwriting and not the celebration at work.