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it came out of the wordwork

Some real work got done today
Some real work got done today, sandwiched between the stove-up and the upcoming pizza test of the new oven....

have decided I have to resift one of the chapter -- looks like Jerel got ahead of herself and she needs to be a step behind where she is -- and once sifted we ought to be able to put speed on. We hope.

But to start. was Steve the gas-guy from Dead River company getting our stove online, and to Big G's to breakfast, and then out to some other doings, meanwhile trying to listen-up on the the talk of the mystery "major economic news for Central Maine" which appears to be a call center. We'll see. One company should not be enough to answer all the problems in the county, though we're given to hear that it will.

Meanwhile, today I put both "Christian" and "Santa" into the delete unread column of my spam filter. Some thing vaguely sad, and I'm sorry about it. but with the holiday bearing down on us I seem to be a target. At least I haven't yet gotten "Santa debt relief" or "Breast Enlargement for Santans" or "Even Santan's Can Use Larger Equipment" (yes, sic or sick, I get a lot of mail for "Christian's" whatever). Have you seen the "We all must die, don't be sad for me, but Brother in Christ you can help me move my ill-gotten millions and keep a few for you on the side?" stuff?

In any case, I'll hope that someone named Christian doesn't send me email with "Christian Here" in the filter -- because it's just gone.

Also a run today to Staples, where we outfitted my four new file drawers with hanging files and folders, and bought some paper -- we always need paper -- for the big printer. A sidestep for some new warm socks and our Dr. Who wrap for the year, and then off to the PO, where there was mail, and then etc...

The new stove now has a pizza in it. Brave us.