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it came out of the wordwork

Some stuff accomplished .. and some not very
Had a busy night dreamwise after having done a whole bunch of needful stuff late last evening; got to sleep in an extra half hour, with the cats off bothering Lady as she prepped for early doctor appointments...

Was all set to run off to Augusta after breakfast. Had a cd and an envelope with the file I printed from the PDF -- and a copy of the PDF -- and did one last check.. to discover that the PDF burned onto the cd was not the one I'd settled on. That meant the printed reference version was also not the one I wanted. I checked. It wasn't.

Took some time to figure out what happened, and more time to make sure I had proper print and PDF versions, and ended up still being here when Rolanni returned from the doctor wars. BTW, what had happened was one of those software screw-ups where the software designer wants to make sure the clueless don't get lost -- thus losing people who have a clue who can't imagine why software would automagically replace this with that without warning... sigh.

The day was forcibly focused thus on With Stars Underfoot and follow-on; what was to be a quick part of the morning spent on SRM stuff ended up the day's work, what with me needing to run back into town after the run to the post office after the run to Augusta -- silly me, I'd figured we wouldn't have many paper orders today. I also managed to forget to stop at EMS (Eastern Mountain Sports) tu sue some of the sale coupons that go over November 15. Yep -- no discount winter socks for Steve this week. Did choose the special color from the *new* selection of cover paper and colors. Boy will you be surprised by this chapbook's look.

Tried to get in gear, wrote a few words, fixed another web-goof, had a nice lunch... and when I went off to chess I was really elsewhere, managing to lose the same won game twice -- wasting a really elegant rescue to go up a pawn with queening threats ... and then simply miscount, twice.

The deal is, of course, that tomorrow will be productive and next Monday I'll be a chess paragon.