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it came out of the wordwork

Already today...
Already fixed a couple online typos in the website (that "fist" became "first", for those of you keeping score, and "necessity exits" has become "necessity exists"); and have been playing with Nvu -- http://www.nvu.com/ --and a newer FTP program to see which makes my upkeep work easier. That Nvu is both
free and cross-platform may help make up for it's not-quite-complete interface; I'm
putting it on the Linux box downstairs as well as up here in my main office in the hopes
that a common interface will make things easier for me...

And so, finished and made a PDF of what *might* be the final version of the first printing
of With Stars Underfoot, with much help from various of the copyreaders who discovered such
problems as quotations marks missing, many missed spaces, and etc. Thank you, gang! The final PDF will likely be proofed in house, unless some of the Friends of Liad have quick time today.

Also discovered that the mere process of putting things into .rtf from .doc introduces errors;
I wonder if this has been part of the problem with some of the rushed print jobs of the past.

The Good News/Bad News for the weekend -- looks like the first print run of With Stars Underfoot will have
to be 450 to 500. We usually try to run the first order about 50 copies over (we have to send out some review copies and some courtesy copies, and some samples to booksellers) and so we're pushing the envelope right now. So if I take it in tomorrow morning (and assume a couple more orders today and tomorrow)... yeah, looks like 500, just to be safe.

Thing is we have to allow some time for problems/delays at the printer and they expect to close early the day before Thanksgiving... and this will be our largest single chapbook print run with them in ten years. They're close enough for us to run 100 copies at a time for reprints (so we don't have to keep much stock on hand) but I think our largest first run before was 300.

That also means we'll have nearly as much signing to do over Thanksgiving holidays as we normally do for a Meisha Merlin hardcover. I guess I ought to declare a pack&ship party and get in some eggnog, but the usual suspects seem to be planning to be out of town. Sigh. Guess us and the cats will soldier on. Guess I'll have to make sure I have some extra pumpkin pie, too, and maybe some Madeira, to go along with the packing and music fest.

With Stars Underfoot, by the way, is dedicated to J.J. Cale and to Janis Ian.