November 12th, 2004


Mixed messages

Been working on some of the basement stuff --
moved the oldest and really non-working
printer out of the way so the back-up copier/printer from upstairs
could go next to the working Linux machine...

joke is on me -- I can use the big printer upstairs in my office
from here, just fine. The copier function works well in the
machine next to me, but I can't get the multi-function printer to work...
LEXMARK is apparently not doing well with drivers for
Linux. Or is that the other way around?

Snarfed up four self-stacking file drawers from Staples today...
need the space. We only have 3 file cabinets/13 drawers worth
of stuff full now, so these 4 will be get me through next June
or so... oy!

By the way, currently the main linux box is running with Linspire.
Apart from the printer SNAFU I'm pretty happy with it. Linspire is
the former Lindows. My old laptop isn't powerful enough to run
Lindows, and the newer one doesn't have space to run a dual boot...
guess for the moment I'll skip installing Lindows
(Ooops, I mean Linspire)on it.

Call is for a snowy dusting tonight, and a bit more of the same
tomorrow. I waxed the two snow shovels today. Why two? One for
the deck (kept where I can reach out the door and grab it) and the other
for the side of the house so I can (if needed) have one more or less to hand
to dig my way *in* to the house if I'm out when it snows.
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