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it came out of the wordwork

What do writers do -- a sample --Liaden Universe News
We're sometimes asked, with total sincerity,
"How do work at home writers -- especially collaborators -- fill up all that free time?"

After recovering from the urge to strangle, we usually say, "well, we manage..."
but as an example, this is one thing we do -- we put out infodumps. This one went out this morning to
the Liaden Universe news list -- which is not the same as the Friends of Liad list. Luckily, we've both got background in PR and advertising..

Please note --
this, too, is a collaborative effort. You ought to ask Rolanni about the English class in Pittsburgh and their amazement about the source of advertising...


Only a few days remain... Guaranteed pre-orders for the first printing of
this year's Liaden Universe(R) holiday chapbook -- _With Stars Underfoot_
-- close November 15. Sharon and Steve intend to sign and ship all
pre-ordered copies the week of Thanksgiving (November 25). For more
information -- and a look at the cover as well as a link to a snippet from
one of the stories in _With Stars Underfoot_ -- visit the recently revised
SRM Publisher catalog page: http://www.korval.com/srmcat2.htm.


SRM Publisher is now SOLD OUT of 3SF (including the Liaden Universe story
"Sweet Waters," no longer in print anywhere at this writing). The print
order form has *not* been updated to reflect this, but it is true,
nonetheless. There are no more copies of 3SF left for sale. Still
available are a few copies of Absolute Magnitude #19 (including "Veil of
the Dancer" by Lee and Miller, also available in SRM Publisher's _Quiet
Knives_ chapbook); those are expected to sell out before Christmas at the
current rate of sales.


Our friends at Embiid -- http://www.embiid.net/ -- have updated their
homepage, which currently features the two most recent Lee & Miller
electronic books, _Crystal Soldier_ and _Master Walk_.

The Science Fiction Book Club -- known to many simply as SFBC -- is
shipping their book club edition of _Balance of Trade_, and just in time.
There are only a few copies of the original hardback edition in stock at
Meisha Merlin. Meanwhile amazon.com is listing the trade
paperback edition, due out later this month, as available in one to two months.

Buzzy Multimedia -- http://www.buzzymultimedia.com -- now shows the cover
art for the upcoming audiobook version of Lee & Miller's _Local Custom_.


Meisha Merlin -- http://www.meishamerlin.com -- is now accepting orders for
the signed hardcover edition of _Crystal Soldier_. Remember that Steve and
Sharon will ONLY be signing the first 750 copies of this edition, so if you
must have your book signed, now is the time to order.


This InfoDump is a product of the Liaden Universe(R), accept no
imitations. You have received this message because you asked for it. If
you no longer wish to receive messages like this, you may unsubscribe from


Meanwhile, I'm making lists; I've been fighting a sinus/allergy headache for a day or two and
if I don't make lists I tend to lose focus, which I *really* can't afford to do in this stage of several projects.

On the topic of spending time...it varies. Yes, we sometimes do look about and say "this is much too fine a day to spend indoors. Let's go to the mountains. Or to Canada. Or to the ocean." And then we'll throw a can of soda and a bottle of water into the car and take off.

And other really, really, really fine days we look about and say "I've got 19,000 words to do in the next 44 hours. Maybe I better pour another cup of coffee and sit in front of the computer all day."

Of late we've been doing the business of SRM early, say between 9 am and 2 PM, and after dinner (we usually eat the big meal of the day on the afternoon) we do email, surf the web, and gradually sneak up on the story project at hand. Sometimes I catch mine at 4 and to work 7, sometimes I catch it at 6 and work to 9, and sometimes I catch it at 8 and work until 9:23. Sometimes I work through until tomorrow.

And, because push is coming to shove and because I have this sinus stuff to contend with, I'm making lists and then trying to do what's on the list. Later I'll write. That's how "all that fee time" is being used around here today.