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it came out of the wordwork

Theo van Gogh and the gardens of the nice
Theo van Gogh is dead and cremated. Elsewhere, in an area frequented by writers, I've mentioned this and bemoaned the "religious" underpinnings of the attack. I was told by one eager person that I should take such discussion to a political newsgroup....

I said, and it think it bears repeating,in response:

"Or not. Hadn't seen a mention of the death here and I think direct attacks on writers and other creative types -- that would include murder and threats of the same -- in "retribution" for their art might be something worth noting among a group of people who claim to be professional writers. That such attacks are justified as acts of the religious makes them more reprehensible than random acts of violence.

The world is often not pretty. What makes people uncomfortable should not always be reduced to "politics" and shoved in a corner somewhere in order to maintain a dangerous serenity for those fearing to offend niceness.

The truth is that Theo Van Gogh died, apparently at the hands of a fanatic. Have you never written anything a fanatic might take umbrage at? Are you being careful not to offend? That's nice."

Some details --




About those sentences from works in progress
I've been meaning to put something up...
and figured one sentence wasn't quite enough context from a rough draft...
so here's two sentences.

About then the rear door of the hauler opened up, and the two men
stood there, each with a stunner in hand.
"Well there, that's not so much fun, is it?"

Like a Green fog --
The aurora looks like a green fog with curtains of brighter green, and sometimes a red undertint. Some banding, also....

here's why....