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it came out of the wordwork

Late, oh late
As I've said before,
late, oh late....

a strange day in some ways -- a good breakfast, a good very dinnerish lunch, and in between a whole lot of catch-up and such -- cleaning up the basement office to get ready for the Christmas rush, cleaning out the vanes of the baseboard hot water heaters to make sure there's airflow... checking the dates on some of the pantry supplies (oops, a can of condensed milk only 11 months over use-by...sigh)...

and trying to get up to speed on a number of fronts. This is being written from the basement linux box...
since, miracle of miracles, young Max! has settled in on my lap. Upstairs Max! can be inveigled to lapsit about once a month -- and then for not more than a second. He's been here now for minutes!

Looking around I see a couple monitors I need to dispose of; many boxes needing condensing, and... Max!, comfortable. hey, that's cool. I'll sit and think about what else needs done for a few minutes...