November 5th, 2004


Not much to say

Re the election: I hope I was wrong. I expect I was not.

The trip for our anniversary (#24) took us to St John, NB,
which is a fine and artsy little city as far as I can tell, and one that would
be a great place for a small to mid-size SF convention, especially with the
interesting "uptown" core running from The City Market to The Hilton --
all under cover.

We were there the wrong days to catch any live music, but we had a great meal
at Vito's (yes, our search for Italian food is never over) and we
had both a breakfast and a lunch (not the same day) at Cora's,

new to Brunswick Square. Cora's, I was amazed to discover, is a chain.
The food is good and plentiful, the printed menu was ...
somewhere between confusing and off-putting. I'm still not sure what
a creton is, and online definitions aren't being helpful.

Having experienced one Delta Hotel we may well make visiting Atlantic
Canada via overnights at Delta locations a priority.

I should mention that the Delta Brunswick, aside from being attached to
the multi-block pedway (including a museum, the city library, a couple dozen
restaurants and many other shops) would also be good for an SF con --
the hotel, with floors numbered 1-3, sits on *top* of the Brunswick Square mall,
(floors 1-4 or 5) and the hotel lobby is on the mall's ground floor. Now,
one can enter the mezzanine (M)of the hotel through the sixth floor of the parking
garage and go down to the mall, or up to the hotel...

Alas, timing and weather was all wrong (we had several days of rain) so we did
not get to the famous reversing falls...

In any case, more trips to Canada on the agenda, if not inked in.
If you have a favorite Atlantic Canada city to tout -- especially
Italian restaurants therein -- please advice
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