October 26th, 2004


A banner day and cuspish kind of day and odds and ends and...

and many cetera...

The banner I made for Crystal Soldier (it currently sits atop http://www.korval.com/srmcat2.htm where it links to Embiid's electronic version, and in another version on other pages it links to Meisha Merlin for the forthcoming hardcover) is going to go out on a couple other websites in the next few days -- which means I've made a couple of decisions about advertising.

We're in a kind of a bind advertising wise, since Balance of Trade softcover is just coming out and deserves some ad-time, but Crystal Soldier is getting such good reaction from early readers we don't want to shortchange it. For the moment we'll keep the recently revised BoT ads where they are, and put Crystal Soldier banners up where we can.

So, if you know of a site that ought to have a few banner ads, or if you, yourself, run such a site, feel free to drop me a note... not yet sure I can afford Locus Online...(sigh)

I'm also going to be doing some more SRM Publisher ads... that's what I'm sort of working on right now; they seemed to help last year at Christmas time after the initial orders for Quiet Knives came in.

Speaking of which, this year's Yule book is getting a bit scary... the cover's not here yet and the printer is making noises about upcoming paper cost increases -- so I'm going to have to RSN make a decision about the initial print run and put in an order to lock in my paper prices. I've generally been going with a 200 t0 300 copy print run on the first printings (historically about enough for the pre-orders and the Xmas rush orders) -- and sometimes doing a special cover for the pre-ordered books ... but the printer promises a decent break if I go all the way to 500 first time around. I may have to go split run with color cover or something... oh the carefree life of the small press publisher.

car cusp -- decided we had to fix Rolanni's wheels(ouch!) and also mostly decided that this should be the last major investment in that car (what with the rust, the dead air conditioner, the.. sigh... little things... so now we're fairly seriously starting to look about for information and ideas. I'd love to be able to do a new car, but hey, it doesn't look in the cards at the moment.

car cusp -- took the Blazer to get refreshed today -- coolant, coolant system pressure check, oil change, tire rotation (and thanks very much Mr. Springsteen for that recurring snicker) and etc... and so " the truck" as we so originally call i,t should be more or less set for winter. I even have 3 gallons of blue, good to -20 window washer solution. I do need some of the -30 stuff for deep winter, but the shop was out of it today.

cusps ... while waiting for various car things to be decided we ended up in a bookstore in Bangor, where Jim Hetley's forthcoming book The Winter Oak was mentioned, and where I accidentally discovered an ad for Murder by Magic in SciFi...also saw the info on the Earthsea miniseries coming in December and we wonder if we should/can put the TV back on our cable service for the month. The cusp? Ace editions of the Liaden books are apparently no longer regulars at B. Dalton (boo, hiss). Other cusps -- the Bangor mall losing more of the food joints in their "picnic"... a shame.

full moon, it looks, though the calendar argues it isn't.

am getting to that restless state; am writing in my head while driving, have scenes I don't need yet intruding, and am starting to get annoyed that I can't just settle because the election is coming up. We may take a long ride election day and the day after, after which we'll do the alternate day mail run and run off quick meals until these books are more in shape. And we have to decide what we'll read to each other after A Night in The Lonesome October.

And this just in... *one! *more! *delay! on Balance of Trade the softcover. How do I know? Because our publisher called asking us to help with a change of the back-cover copy so the printer's wrong cover copy can be fixed. Coming, we're told, from the printer direct to Diamond Distribution and thus to stores worldwide before Thanksgiving. Cross fingers.
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