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it came out of the wordwork

Been working
Been working, though the results won't show for awhile.

Found a cover artist for With Stars Underfoot. Should have rough in hand RSN.

Have two chapbooks in the works as SRM Publisher's first ebooks.
(Have to send a contract add-on to an author, and
I hate contract stuff, so I'm behind... sigh).

Have identified a couple places to advertise SRM and Crystal Solider between now and New Year.
Have not identified where advertising money is coming from.

Have printed up a bazillion Crystal Soldier fliers. Some will go in SRM mailings; need
to figure where the others go -- anyone going to a convention soon and want to distribute
some of these things?

Despite these advances, not an entirely satisfactory week, particularly writing wise.
Perhaps, starting this afternoon, things will improve.

Dreary day & PMWB warning (politics mentioned within blog)
inside, a quiet day of putting things in places, reducing piles,
catching up on email, petting some cats, and some more cats,
catnapping with the help of the other two gray-fellows...
and more catching up.

While reducing the pile on the kitchen counter -- in fact, cheer me on! --
eliminating it... I came across my copy of AARP The Magazine -- the November/December
issue, in fact, the one with the voter guide.

In these troubled times I take what help I can in decision-making, and...
in the magazine was a voter's guide. It looks like John Kerry's answers are
a match for the AARP position. Oddly, the President didn't answer *any* of the questions,
which had to do with keeping social security intact, long term health care, prescription
drug costs... and other things of interest to the 50 plus group.

No comment on this lack in the editorial, just an* with the information
that "The candidate chose not to mark a circle."

Sigh, and after the AARP went to bat for the President's little prescription plan, too.

Meanwhile a new (Zogby, I think) Poll has cost the state of Maine a bunch of bucks... in that it says Kerry is ahead in the state and likely to stay that way. If that's so, the Republicans will spend ad money elsewhere. Maine can use a boost in the economy... sigh... being a swing-state is *so* useful,
except if you want to listen to the radio or watch TV.