October 20th, 2004


Connections ... music!

Musicplasma -- http://www.musicplasma.com/ -- is an interesting use of the Amazon api...
if you like music you may find it an interesting toy. I was surprised by some of the relationships they saw -- some are clearly simply based on too few connections to be good for a "if you like this you'll like that... but it looks like if you listen to anything folkish or rockish that you'll discover that in fact Neil Young is Ghod....

Meanwhile -- it turns out amazon is sharing info with developers to make such things as musicplasma possible ...Collapse )...

Off to my walk, and then on to a heavy schedule of keyboarding. Catch you on the flip side this evening, I expect... but, hey, if you're interested in predicting the future, I should share this: http://www.electoral-vote.com/pred/ ...
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Welcome to Upham -- edge of the world just 12 miles away...


here's news about our electronic publisher... though the writer managed to keep the name of their company (Embiid) out of the article. Boo, hiss.


I think maybe we ought to arrange a kind of "scavenger bring" to Upham... find out what R&M need and get a bunch of us to drive on out, collecting useful stuff on the way, and stay in the hunters lodge and have a working writers workshop in the sticks.

Now, when I'd find time to do it, I'm not sure.
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Day gone to night

Actually a busy day:

Listened to JJ Cale. Played with musicplasma. Chased cat from deck. Watched
neighbor's duck demonstrate flight. Read a bunch of LJ posts.

850 words in the pile of paper becoming Sword of Orion. Not only that, but notes outlining
two more upcoming scenes. Jerel is getting over being mad at me.

Queries out and answered re things impacting the next four SRM Publisher projects.

Brushed Scrabble big time. I cheat -- I put on the leather gloves. She didn't leave a mark.

Read Groklaw. Amazing things some judges put up with.

I discover the Yankees are not universally assumed to be the winners of tonight's contest...
sigh. Guess I'll have to pay attention to the CNN feed.

Talked to my father, who art in Florida. And Pam, his wife. They do well, thanks.

Didn't see all that much of the day outside after my walk, but the moon is very impressive
behind a silky shimmer of wavelet clouds.
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