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it came out of the wordwork

Easily Amused
I was surfing over at http://www.electoral-vote.com/ when Rolanni called me in to
read a really frightening letter she'd gotten in email from one of Maine's
hard-working congresscritters... in which we see Republicans in the House
trying to... never mind -- I expect you'll find it on rolanni's Journal...
but I shook my head at the letter...

and then I got back to my computer to see that the Russians --
in the face and person of Mr. V. Putin -- are urging Americans
to vote for George Bush! Saw it on CNN...

Oh, for that time machine to go back to the days of yore...
"Reds urge Yanks to Vote Republican..." and see, look at the map
over there at www.electoral-vote.com ...
the Republicans are the Reds, the Democrats are the Blues...
Big government, spend-and-spend-more Republicans supported by
the Russians!

Can't wait to see what side the Chinese come in for.

I have work to do, so off to do it.