October 17th, 2004


Ode to A Publisher

owed, at least.

Just wanted to mention that I talked with Richard Michaels at Embiid recently, and he seems pretty upbeat about the move from Hawaii and other such stuff. Richard and Melisa work hard for their authors -- I think they must have shipped us about a ton of advertising materials to give away over the last few years (hey, I mean that literally. Not only did they ship paper cases full of stuff, they did it from Hawaii. It might have been cheaper for them to send it by rocket...)

In any case, as with all moves, some stuff goes.... wrong. But, some goes right. For example, how many
people do you know who manage to buy a school for minimum bid on eBay? See? Some stuff goes right. But,
they had some equipment melt down during the transition from Hawaii to North Dakota, and they have *snow*
on their doorstep this morning.

So what I'm doing here is admitting that Embiid has been a fine publisher; they listen to their authors, they support with advertising, and, unlike some publishers we've dealt with, they even let us choose the kind of restaurant we want to eat in if they suggest a meal.

Who am I talking about? What do they do? Look behind the cut....

Collapse )

.... not bad company to be in, eh? I'm pleased.

meanwhile, back at the ranch here at the border between Unity and East Winslow...
some real work got done on a couple projects, though it's hard to put word count to them.
Tomorrow evening is chess; so expect regular reporting of word-and-page sort to return
Tuesday, if I remember.

It was a pretty day, but as night fell so did the pall of smoke from our neighbor's
woor-burning furnace. Have to close the windows and it's still at least 48 degrees!

Oh yeah, go Yankees!
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