October 15th, 2004


Face Value

I come from a newspaper background -- worked for several, edited several, and was even owner and part owner of several. One of the more memorable moments in my journalistic career was (quite some years ago)when a Marine wannabe called me on the phone, telling me he wanted to discuss one of my editorials. The person in question worked in an office quite nearby and I don't think he believed me when I said I'd be right over.

I did go right over, bringing the staff photographer with me, since the guy had asked for me
by name and and said "Listen, shit-head, we need to rap about this stuff you printed in the goddamn paper."

We had a good discussion, with his officemates in stitches by his inability to articulate his position
other than to say it wasn't right to talk about the government that way*. I asked him to write a letter to the editor, which he, eventually, did.

I mention that so you can know where I'm coming from and ask you to visit the URL below -- which was mentioned in a Doonesbury comic strip I saw today. If you do visit, please consider reading the
information found at the second URL.


Then to here:


Me? I'm gonna see if there's any money in the ad budget.

*the editorial in question was about the irony of kids being urged by the government (The Marine Corps, advertising on the sides of milk cartons for high school students) to stay in school at the same time they were dragging kids out of school from colleges across the country, since they preferred high school graduates.
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