October 13th, 2004


Lucky you

You get the short form -- I wrote at length and lost the note with a finger-fuddle.
Repeat after me -- LJ is not an email program -- do not use email habits....

Suffice it to say:

Chess Monday night not one of my best chess experiences -- I enjoyed it but
played ugly chess and might have come out even on on the night -- but I lost
the ladder game. Stayed late, will try to be more alert next time.

Tuesday was catch up on mail and banking stuff, ended up at Staples,
needing paper, and bought a new network adapter for "Frankie" the machine
in the basement that I'm playing with Linux on. Frankie, the computer
made of spare and leftover parts from other machines.

Today, more catch-up on SRM orders, including a run to PO on tap. Saw a note that
SFBC will be selling Balance of Trade starting October 19. Good thing --
Amazon glitches currently tell us that Balance of Trade hardcover is
yet to be released (?!) and that the trade paperback is yet to be
released, which we think is true. Glad Embiid is selling all the Liaden
stuff -- I'd hate to have BoT be out of print. Heh, just realized -- I think October 19th is the day
we're expecting a small BoT ad in Publishers Weekly. What irony if the only
available print BoT that day was SFBC...

Politics for the day:

"A new study Tuesday found that a quarter of the jobs in Maine do not pay enough for a family of four's basic needs in housing, transport, education and food. About half of the jobs here provide no pensions or sick leave."

So much for Bush's "we're all fine here" on the economy. The article is at...

Five years ago the US economy was doing OK, a budget surplus was reducing old bills
and I didn't have to pay $25 for a tank of gasoline. Since then GWBs buddies at
Enron sucked money out of a lot of "little people" -- my parents among them --
and the PO I use closes in the middle of the day instead of being really full service.
The Republicans give us a prescription plan that was negated instantly by the
drug companies... GMAB, eh?

Off to pack orders.
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