October 8th, 2004


Tiny October Roses

A pretty, foggy morning with the colors of autumn shimmering from within,
and then, after a quiet breakfast, my walk shows me... that the rose bush out
front ... the one that Sharon reported frost-shattered the other day --
has a number of tiny but healthy roses on it this morning. More than 5 are open,
a few more threatening.

Speaking of threatening, my walk took me out onto the shoulder of the "big road" onto which our
acreage backs. Rarely a good plan, that walk, since the shoulders are really soft and
this is the season that a lot of firewood trucks are competing for space on the road with
farm trucks carrying hay bales and corn shucks. The news from there is that the economy
still sucks.

Hah, you say, news of the economy based on a roadside walk?

Well, yeah. School's back in session, which means the high-school kids usually throw their
date-night empties out on that section of road. Guess what? Not a one to be found...
and what that means is the road-walkers are out in force, collecting soda and beer cans
for the nickels. Also had another thought, though, that the dozen or so coffee cups means
that the coffee-tide is hurting the economy of the can-pickers. Rarely used to see coffee cups along
the road here...

Then, back inside to hear from our publisher that a modest royalty check
is being forwarded from Ace is being forwarded to our agent(hurrah!)...
modest? Yep... not as big as our grocery bill the other day, not quite as big
as a truck payment... but hey, we could buy a couple lobster dinners with it iffn we wuz in the mood...

In the upcoming month we're watching for -- an ad in PW, due October 19, we think... who here gets
PW? Also we should be seeing Balance of Trade hit the SFBC pages between now and November 7.

And now, some work on banners and such. If anyone wants to borrow the new banner on the SRM Publisher catalog page http://wwww.korval.com/srmcat2.htm -- it points to the Embiid edition of Crystal Solider -- just tell me you have and make sure it points to embiid.

But first, I'll check the mail again, and look at the roses, both ways.
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