October 6th, 2004


A long day, with dark chocolate

A long day, starting with cat noises in the night at about 4 AM, which woke me to the fact that I was cold; getting back to sleep I ended up in a strange dream about a neighborhood
I haven't been in for 20 years... wherein I'd left my Chevelle parked and gone walking
and ran into some folks I never did like...
...gee that was a Chevelle I used to drive to college. Odd dream. Odd timing.

Which meant then that I wasn't as awake as I might have have been during
the SRM Publisher packing blitz this morning, necessitating a repack at
one point, but got some bookstore orders out, as well as some regular stuff, and
the pile of orders for the Yule Liaden Universe(R)chapbook grows slowly.

Because of the roadwork in Albion -- you'll get tired of it, I am! --
which ought to be done by the month, by the way, I actually mailed the stuff from
Albion before picking up the mail in Unity, where the USPS closes the PO at lunch time
so people in Florida can have their mail whenever they want it.

The trip to the store after that was... interesting. One of the joys of freelancing
is that you buy a lot of groceries when the money comes in or when you're
concerned that tough times are coming. For us, today was our day to lay in some of
the usual winter supplies (read possible tough times ahead)--
extra gallons of water, an extra gallon of olive oil, brown rice in bulk, and
canned salmon, tuna, beans, green beans, carrots, asparagus, butter beans,
... forgot the dried milk, forgot the canned brown bread, might could get in some
blocks of dry tofu.

Am waiting for the Mandrake 10.1 Community set I ordered through Linux Central --
our ISP was flakey last week and email and even normal web-browsing a pain, so
I ordered the CDs since hoping to get 5 clean images to burn from seemed the height
of wishful thinking. Today.. the internet seems back to speed, but between getting
a truckload of food, then getting it home and then packing it away in a fashion that'll
make it findable (look, I found three in-date jars of spaghetti sauce from last year, gotta hurry
the "best if used by date" is December 07, 2004) I figure I'll be patient and not download anyway.

Minor work on stories today, minor work on webstuff. Long day. Patia enjoyed some moments
on the deck getting her belly skritched in the sun, though, so all is right with the world.

Oh yeah, the Yanks were winning when last I looked, which I figure is a good thing.

Still not king.
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