October 4th, 2004


Some days are like that

Slow news day on many fronts, though SpaceShipOne was good news.
My trip to Unity was interesting but not useful, trip to the bank was
useful but not interesting.

Been working on the Lee-Miller collection project -- tedious stuff, that
kind of layout... no hurry, but trying to do it right. Then, on to
lunch I went, and after...a few hundred words on Sword of Orion;
now to go pick up some AAA cells and such, and then on to chess,
and to plan on a lower stress tomorrow.

Oh, right, still haven't heard about my mother's medical condition...
-- she fell Friday, was hospitalized briefly, was home Saturday, back
to doctor today (I think) to see if they need to operate on her shoulder.
She's the driver in that near-rural household,
if she can't drive things will be kind of tricky.

But chess calls, after I save the untitled collection.
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