October 1st, 2004


Holy Ten Pin, Batman!

(I lifted this top section from myself -- just posted in rec.art.sf.written)

Some years ago -- I suspect it was at Disclave in 1981, about when _Snow Queen_ hit paperback from Dell -- I saw Joan Vinge chasing after fans carrying one of her books, pen in hand... she didn't want to sign the things, though she was willing to do that, but to fix a "not." At this distance I can't recall if she was adding a "not" or scratching it out, but I do remember that it was in one of the book's crucial scenes, and the effect of the "not", spoken or unspoken by
one of the main characters, effectively changed the intent of the rest of the book... and she did this pen thing at parties, walking in the dealer's room, at dinner...

I mention this so you'll have some background if you see me (or Sharon) cruising up to folks carrying copies of the Ace edition of _I Dare_ . While we haven't discovered something as powerful as the Vinge "not", but we have discovered an added "ng" toward the end of the book that can jar you right out of the scene as set. It certainly jarred me out of the scene when I was checking a detail for a story I'm working on. That's page 397, second line, Ace edition. Someone, somewhere added "ng" to the phrase "bowli ball".... producing an erroneous and entirely unLiaden "game of bowling ball" ...

Holy ten pin, Batman! If you have a copy of _I Dare_ with the extra "ng" in it, please feel free to deface the book by blotting. We'll do it for you, if we're around, free of charge.

I note that the Meisha Merlin (and I presume the Embiid) editions are fine. I think I even know *how* the "ng" came to be... but still, it makes my pen fingers twitch.
meanwhile, the morning dawned cool and calm, with a bit of fog, now burnt off, and a few messages from fans who'd tried to download Crystal Soldier from Embiid at 12:01 am... however, Embiid, though not in Hawaii any longer, *is* in North Dakota, so they are not in an Eastern time zone. We hear from several sources that the downloads are now working; Richard was apparently only moments behind the midnight bell in Boston.
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