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it came out of the wordwork

3 forward 2 back 2 forward 1 back
Portrait of the writer as publisher as truck driver.

Today I went to the PO with a pretty good size tub full of orders; things ranging from t-shirts to single chapbooks to 13 packs to mixed orders for retail stores. Albion is still a mess -- I could have saved time and distance by going to another PO, but you know, I wanted to pick up the mail... but there wasn't any. Several retail stores have CIITM'd us, but if so, not yet. Spent about $150 to get things on their way...

As mentioned elsewhere, sky was ultra clear today. I'd guess I could see (from the central high spot of my ride) about 100 miles worth of mountains. Also saw a couple eagles, a bunch of turkeys, and a few of the usual cats. Will be very glad when the Albion roadwork is done.

Did a bit of writing, did some clean up, did some computer work, bought a few cheese rolls in anticipation of an upcoming pasta meal.

Stuff got done. Good thing I'm my own boss else I'd have felt I barely got my moneys-worth out of myself today... but since some of it was writing, which is a craft both capricious and precious, I guess I did OK.

Oh yeah. Got home to find another retail store wanted a few more books. So I guess one of us makes a PO run tomorrow. Too pretty a day to have worked today, but I did, and expect tomorrow to be the same.