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it came out of the wordwork

Gravity'll get you
had a great day yesterday at USM -- not only did we get a free lunch and a chance to talk to an active and interested group about science fiction, but we ended up the day with a short side-trip to Old Orchard Beach, where re ran into Lacy and her guy Rick.

At USM I also had a chance to see gravity at work as I ran down 4 flights of stairs in search of a Pepsi, found the machine, got the Pepsi, and ran up 4 flights of stairs... note to self -- you're not used to running up 4 flights of tall office building stairs anymore.... phew. Note #2 to self... once the office organizing is caught up, back to the treadmill!

But, anyhow. Rick and Beth are the proprietors of The Skylark Inn at Old Orchard Beach... and Lacy is the dog that runs the house. We first met Lacy as an active pup; now she's a full-fledeged hunting dog with enough strength and energy to bowl you over if you aren't careful... so we were doing a quick walk on the beach when I said to myself -- "look at that poor guy being dragged across the beach by his dog..." .. and then my throat found voice and called out "Lacy!" before my mind thought. Lacy dutifully dragged Rick to us...

A sad and scary thing there at OOB -- we saw the result of the fire that burnt "Dyno-Mite" and two other stores -- the first to the ground, the others into unusable wrecks. Very lucky that the fire happened off season... Rick, it turns out, saw a small puff of black smoke which was probably the first "breakthrough" smoke from the fire -- he was outdoors working on The Skylark, and called Beth -- and just moment later appeared fire and fire engines. Poof, in two hours, half a downtown block out of commission...

Rick and Lacy let us go and we motored on up to the marsh, where sunset oversaw a very still tidal pool. Not a heron in site, but the 2/3 moon overhead and the very light breeze made for a chance for a wonderful photo. I, of course, had left the camera in the Blazer, so I missed the shot....

Today was a bunch of catch-up shopping, a discussion with Todd about what's going to happen with the DEP's "ice cream stand" on our front lawn, a look at up-dating some stuff on the Mandrake Linux box (I'm not currently writing from that box, but I can now, if I want to) and getting part of the basement back into order. More of that on Monday after the guy comes to look at the Lexmark Printer. That's not your $99 add-on printer but a major duplexing printer that can spit out a novel in about 5 minutes...and it's broke. Turns out there's no certified Lexmark printer guy or gal in Maine, and since this Printer is the size of a small barn I've ended up calling in a local jack-of-all trades instead of trying to cart this thing to Manchester, New Hampshire. Also Monday, I hope, will be picking up some stuff I needed to farm out to the printer/copyshop in Augusta...

So (calling Walter Cronkite!) if all goes well, Tuesday will see me back on the writing path, after a mile or so of treadmilling. I've managed about 1500 words on Sword of Orion since Wednesday, but that's too slow for comfort.