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it came out of the wordwork

On the road again... short version
OK, here's the short version of something I messed up on posting before. Don't know how, but it's gone...

So: tomorrow is the run to USM (University of Southern Maine) where we'll be talking on the topic of Science Fiction's women writers. Sharon has prepared a handout, even. ...

Then, October 16 will see us on the road again (as mentioned here recently) on another out of state gig. This one will be Derry, NH where we'll be talking at the Derry Library (here http://www.derry.lib.nh.us for directions and basic info). We've offered a quick blurb, though I don't know if it'll be used by the library ... it's here...

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Anyone know of anything else of interest in Derry besides the library and Robert Frost's Farm?

The cool thing about tomorrow's run is that while we're gone elves are scheduled to unhook the electric power to the shed otuside our house so that on Monday more elves can move the darn thing about 5 feet, affording us a view of oncoming traffic so we aren't owners of another of Maine's infamous blind drives.
The elves won;t stop then -- in November they come back to drive yet another well, to let more of the evil spirits (in the form of gasoline) out from beneath the surface.... I can't wait.