September 20th, 2004


Elery Keene

Elery Keene's just stopped by, wanting to chat --
alas he found us at work, morning style, each at our own computers. He seemed nearly taken aback with the amount of interest Scrabble gave him from the official cat-vantage high-back stool in the kitchen -- but hey, she's the one running things these days (just ask her!) so she was in role in checking out the potential assistant...

Assistant? Yeah, see, Elery is running for office(State Representative for District 4), and in Maine it isn't unusual for candidates to go door-to-door for real. I've run into Elery a couple times -- had several job interviews when he was running a local quasi-governmental agency that needed writing and webwork done (never was hired) and then he's been in a writing class we spoke to -- I'd guess that was last fall or this spring.

We didn't have all that much time to talk with Elery today, given our scheduling, but if I drop him an email I'm pretty sure he'll get right back to me.

Beautiful day -- it would be a great day for a random drive -- but I've used up most of my "let's run and play" days for the year already. And the dog across the way has stopped howling in loneliness now that his mistress at home, so work here can go forth a little easier.
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