September 18th, 2004


Meanwhile, in another state

Actually, that's another state of mind.

This is about the first day this year that I've not had firm plans to go out of state in the near future. I've been out of state -- and out of country -- often enough this year that when we came back from our jaunt to Genre,Ink (in Keene, NH -- you can find them on the web if you like) I ended up driving though backroads from Concord so that we'd not be hitting the Portsmouth to Waterville stretch of I-95 that had become so familiar we'd look out for particular (and I'm not making this up) sunflowers, construction trucks, lunch wagons, and even roadside cats or llamas. We also have a speaking acquaintance with certain sections of Rt. 9 on the way to and from Calais (pronounced like callous) Maine and St. Stephens, Canada...

Our trip back on Thursday was enlivened by the realization that I'd almost put it off until Friday -- at which point we'd have been mired in NASCAR race traffic, much of which would have been going through some of the same pleasant areas we were driving through. I will note that we saw *lots* of antique cars ranging from a pair of Jaguars in convoy (one apparently a type E OTS hard top) to pristine Chevy Novas and Chevelles. One Subway we went past had a parking lot impenetrably full of shiny muscle cars and sports cars -- we resisted the urge to stop and gawk since home was still some hours away.

So anyway, and back home we came; next planned trip a short run to Portland to talk to a class at the USM the end of next week, and after that... umm... nothing long distance until February, when we're due at ShevaCon. Looks like we'll miss Boskone, but we may want to run to Pandemonium books at some point (after Crystal Soldier comes out) for a signing.

And as for states of mind...
I'm informed there's a "big discussion" of things Liaden taking place on rec.arts.sf.written; I'd seen a short thread the other day and passed on it after I saw it started with someone who'd assumed the Liaden books were fantasy and so had avoided them until he heard Sharon talk about them at worldcon.

Apparently the thread has grown now to two threads and I find myself in a very peculiar place -- I'm working on two non-Liaden projects, one fiction and one non-fiction --I can't get the gumption up to go look at the discussion. This isn't lack of interest but a kind of creative self-interest: I can't do anything about fixing books that are already published (assuming there's a problem which some people insist there is) and I can't take time to admire nice comments because they'll distract from the projects at hand.

I will note that I've seen a couple of these discussions in the past where the same scene is said to be the highlight and the lowlight of the book, where the same character said to be the worst and the best, and the same plot point both excellent and execrable. Additionally I've seen scenes apparently from a book I've never read, much less written, discussed for failing to be what the reader had envisioned.

So, not being a mind-reader or a mind-writer, and having mild deadlines in distant sight, I'll let the discussions continue without me this time, hoping that any errors of fact will be corrected by other RASFW or RASFC readers.

And having come home late Thursday night with a quarter-Blazer load of books, I spent portions of yesterday morning determining which chapbooks I was absolutely out of and which I;d expect to be out of soon, and then off to Augusta I went. Wednesday afternoon one of us will go back to Augusta to pick up the chapbooks I need so that orders can go out. Finally the out-of-balance month of worldcon catch-up will be done.
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