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it came out of the wordwork

Impossible Mission Force needed
I could have used the IMF on this one -- trying to get to Albacon. As it was, I'd been asking for info from various AlbaCon concom members over the last months -- but they've shifted a bit as real life took over and it wasn't until worldcon that I could contact a committee member in person...

...and once I did that it took a day or so for the news to filter out that I *could* have a table, since someone had defected at worldcon, and then the committee didn't have sales tax info so I contacted the state of NY to find out how to be legal as a seller...

... and by the time the state told me what I needed to know... the con hotel was filled up for the weekend. Right -- with a month to go before the con, the AlbaCon hotel is filled until the Sunday night the con ends, so there's no room for anyone deciding to come late. More... apparently a couple of the other "nearby" hotels in the area are also full, and the closest I could find was about 5 miles and $40 a night more expensive...

... and since I'd been planning to as a dealer and cover expenses it doesn't seem, right to go into the con an extra $100 down. Soooo.... scratch one con from the to-do list.

Ooops -- and now comes the sudden news of a hotel just an 8 block walk from the con hotel, all of 20 rooms, at a discount. But... many of the times we've been to AlbaCon in the past the weekend was misty-rainy, which is not walking weather to me. Just not going to hack it for me -- I'm not the kid I was 30 years ago when I started going to cons.

The real shame is that for some years we regarded AlbaCon as our "home" convention, despite the distance -- we planned on it, looked forward to it, even made sure we got in on Thursday nights to have some pizza after helping with collation, or artshow set-up, or whatever needed doing. This year we'd been trying to get onboard, but when Sharon got an offer elsewhere and we *still* hadn't heard, she made those plans instead. I figured I could justify an SRM Publisher appearance...

... but hey. The breaks.

Meanwhile, I gotta put gas in the truck for a trip north.