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it came out of the wordwork

I'm sure I'm forgetting something here ...
But hey,

worldcon comes every year. Not that I expect to be at Glasgow next year.

Elsewise, a busy day, busy with details. The Toshiba is working, and I did some behind the scenes stuff on one of the websites just to prove I can... been 8 months or so since I played there at length. So, some of that sidfe of SRM Publisher will be getting exercised as time permits...

Actual writing has been scarce the last few days, so I'm looking past Worldcon to about 20 days of writing followed by about 50 days of writing once AlbaCon is past. That ought to do a job on the Sword of Orion, I think...

Hope to see you at WorldCon or AlbaCon... else the next stop looks to be ShevaCon in February. After that we've got *no* firm plans to attend any other conventions next year. Or the year after, for that matter, though I'll ink in Columbus if they win the '07 bid.

Dinner tonight is simple -- I stopped at Subway on the way back from the post office (delightful event there, a modest but totally unexpected check from someone who remembered they owed money and that I might need some for worldcon. Coolness. And a nice cold cut sub, meaning dishes tonight or in the morning will be minimal.

Tomorrow starts the bright lights and big-city stuff for a week. We'll see how the hotel connectivity is this time around -- last time the VPN died on me and I couldn't get the mail or report in. This time may be better... if I remembered to put everything *back* on the Toshiba. Next time, it'll be an emachines whitebox laptop for me...