August 29th, 2004


Lifestyle choices -- breakfast and leftovers

Sometimes things have got to change. A couple years ago my writing life -- sedentary is the word everyone like to use for someone who sits at a computer telling lies all day long while waiting for the check that's in the mail to hit the post office box -- meant my blood pressure was up, my cholesterol (bad cholesterol) was up, and the doctor was talking drugs drugs drugs and regiment, regimen, regimen.

Phoey. Or pfui, if that's your style. I hate to take drugs. So, in connivance with rolanni I did not "go on a diet" in the sense of adopting this that or the other named-brand -- instead I went on a reading program... and started walking regularly, which I always used to do and then I got out of the habit. Walking is a good habit.

But first, breakfast this morning -- we had scrambled eggs -- including sausage bits, leftover young vegetables (small potatoes, corn, broccoli)garlic, sour cream -- with cheddar cheese on the side, and a nice multigrain bread. I guess you could call the bread leftovers, since we bought it at the day-old store (where it was very much in date)... and the vegetables were leftovers of a Birdseye frozen veggie thing we did a couple days ago.

Over the last two years my blood pressure has dropped to acceptable limits, and the good cholesterol is up while the bad is down... and I've lost around 30 lbs...and I did most of it by reading.

On the whole, if a food/product contains more than 24% of the RDA of sodium or fat per serving, I don't buy it. If there's a choice of similar products with one at 18% and one at 22%, I go for 18%. My sausage is a Morningstar Farm non-meat sausage, the cheddar is a Cabot 50% reduced fat, the sour cream a no-fat. Brummel and Brown provide the margarine. When I scramble eggs... one is a real egg and the other two are egg-beaters or equivalent; quick breakfasts vary between frozen whole wheat waffles, Old Wessex Irish Oatmeal or OW Oat Bran, or for cold cereal -- Complete or Cheerios with fruit. Mostly, I use olive oil for cooking...

Along the way... we've discovered that there's an amazing difference in the ingredients of ordinary products. Like the fact that some prepared spaghetti sauce is drenched with sugar/corn syrup, and some has as much as 50% of a DV (daily value) of sodium, and some has almost as much fat.. which means that it's easily possible to have two or three meals a day *each* of which exceeds the suggested levels of sodium... without adding a bit of salt at the table or in cooking.

So yes, we read the ingredients carefully, and will sometimes make a choice to eat say -- a meal of frozen stuffed fish with crab meat -- that exceeds the 24%... and hey, we're going to a convention, so for a few days we'll be trying to eat sensibly within the bounds of the restaurant industry's approach. Some meals we'll buy one entree and split it,with each having a side. Or we'll split a side order. And we never worry, these days, about leaving food on a plate. When I'm done, I'm done.

And now, to pack some more bags for the con.
Oh yeah, but first, J.P. Devine, formerly of Hollywood, CA and now of Waterville, ME provided this link in a feature article this morning.. not quite my hometown, but about as close to it as you can get and have a webcam...

That's main street in Waterville -- about 12 miles from here.
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Of course...

Tried to get ahead of things...
and the laptop died. Am in the midst of trying to reinstall. I hate to think of trying to reinstall all that software ... do I even have the records?

Spit, as some people say...

Busy just got busier.
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