August 28th, 2004


Not much going on here

I've been trying to sell this pair of bridges across the Chesapeake... wanna buy 'em? Real, genuine income property... but I'd rather sell the pair.

and otherwise, have finished folding the new brochure-style SRM catalogs... I folded about 200 and Rolanni about a 100, I guess. I designed the thing Thursday among other stuff, found art, wrote it yesterday among other things, printed it this morning.

Had fun for a few minute this morning catching up with Groklaw and also admiring Mandrake's neat pocket-hardrive that lets you turn almost any computer into a Linux computer through the USB port... and leaves the "host computer" the way it was before you used it when you go away.

Lunch is cooking.

Have to finish dropping numbers into the cellphone for Worldcon. Understand I rarely carry the thing, so I'm still learning how to use it. Most of my connectivity is internet, ayuh.

One of my WorldCon panels has lost a member already. Oh, boo, hiss.

Rolanni took some of the flyers we did for Bud's book, and some of Bud's books... and turned it into a package. We have a some other boxes to throw into the truck and they'll go in the mail Monday... some to Bud, some to a bookstore, some to a writer.

Have boxed three boxes for shipping to worldcon so far.

Strange thing this morning. Walked on the deck to feed the birds; saw the chipmunk at the bottom of the stairs, face pouches so full of birdseed he could't possibly see. So I said in his/her direction -- "you're so greedy you can't even walk straight!" At which point the chip dashed under Rolanni's car... almost. Scruffy, the gray/black cat from next door, had been observing the 'munk for a couple days... and that quick snapped it up -- rattle rattle rattle gone -- and then pranced away with breakfast. I shook my head and put out the birdfood, which will feed a few more birds today than yesterday.

Not a single lily today. Maybe tomorrow. I'd really like to see a couple more before we leave for Noreascon.

Email -- looks like we'll get the date we want at the beach next year... but not the oceanfront room, unless someone cancels. Sigh. Email -- confirmation that my choice of mailing the boxes will work better than driving to NH to trade them off.

Hot today. Deck reading is 90-plus. A good day to work inside. Which I must do: pack another box of SRM books and flyers, charge up the laptop, charge up the phone, charge up the camera -- gotta get my backup 128 meg card for the camera set-up.
Gotta get the ftp on the laptop set up for one button uploads; gotta find that page I'd set up... gotta answer someone about the First Night festivities at WorldCon...

Already found the info on the restaurant for Wednesday's meeting with the publishers; Rolanni will be making the reservations. A few blocks form the hotel -- close enough to walk if the weather is good. Current forecast for Boston Wednesday evening... Wednesday through Thursday Night -- Mostly clear. Highs in the upper 70s. Lows around 60. It'll do.

Anyone got advice on getting to the dim sum restaurants in Boston? The con faq says they're "far". Is that a $20 cab ride far, I wonder?
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