August 25th, 2004


Quick, a break..

Quick, a break?

Sigh --
not much of one, it looks like. Printed 1000 copies of the Pinbeam Quarterly newsletter yesterday... today, some reprints of SRM stuff, and a new ad/flyer/flier for Bud Webster's book... which I will pick up on a trip to Augusta this afternoon.

Local news: a single day lily today. Since my birthday (July 31) we've had at least one a day. I think the high was 7 or 8. Temp got down to 43 last night... getting close to frost season, finally!

No turkeys seen so far today. Nor chickens, either. Doesn't look like Mama Coon or the kids came by last night. A few nights ago there were 4 on the deck eating the seeds those messy birds had scattered about. Today, finches everywhere, like an explosion of flying lemons.

Sharon worked hard yesterday, among other things arriving at the combined Lee & Miller Worldcon schedule you can view on line here: ...

Other news yesterday:
the new Liaden book -- due to be turned in next February and published the following February -- Crystal Dragon

There's an update of the Lee & Miller cover art gallery --
which now includes the cover for the Embiid version of Master Walk... cool.

In a burst of enthusiams have written to the folks at the beach asking if they'll have room for us next summer. For one whole week. Brave us. Brave them if they can say yes... Nice people.
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