August 23rd, 2004


A day late, a dollar short

This time, actually, it's the time that's shorter than the dollars. My "extra" day of medical stuff last week got me behind on a lot of projects; the Bud Webster chapbook was gonna be to the printer last week... but now goes today, with hopes the printer will pull a miracle turn-around...

If the printer *doesn't* do a miracle turnaround I'll sincerely need to find someone who is going to worldcon ... and who is staying at the Marriott ... and who is willing to receive a box or two for me, since the Sheraton adds outrageous, era charges for taking packages for guests.

Also to do today and tomorrow and Wednesday: print about 15000 newsletters, flyers, posters, postcards and etc on the printer behind me. This will include a WorldCon special edition the Pinbeam Quarterly, flyers for Bud's Joy of Booking, extra flyers for Buffalogic, and etc... I've already ordered and have in house a full round of supplies, so I can print up to about 20,000 pages in color if I have to right now...

This morning I ordered a bunch of foil-things to go on next year's mailings. It's a lark of a business expense, a pat on the back for myself, since next year will be SRM Publisher Ltd's 10th anniversary. Not too bad for an accidental business.

Sadness at the Olympics -- the Australian woman who quit rowing when she realized her team wasn't going to win a medal in the eights is probably going to be known as "Laydown Sally" for the rest of her life. Maybe she'll move to Canada to escape.

Don't know if it's the Romantic Times review, the news getting out to Stargate fans about Michael Shanks reading one of our books on audio, or the information that there most likely won't be more hardbacks once the first batch is through... but Balance of Trade continues to sell well over at -- this morning it was running at 2005 for awhile. That's not too shabby for an almost unadvertised small press novel 6 months after publication. Now if we can just get a few more people to pick up Low Port...

Are you a librarian? Are you going to Worldcon? Don't miss the SLOF panel... that's Secret Librarians of Fandom. I'm hoping the SLOFs will come on by the Liaden Lounge on Friday (no, not this Friday, *next* Friday)in Boston.

Ah, road trip. The wonders of Augusta await. I think I have the smell of printing things in my blood, I do.
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