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it came out of the wordwork

Crystal Soldier
As mentioned elsewhere very late last evening, Meisha Merlin has broken with tradition and -- by popular demand, we're told -- is allowing pre-orders for the next Sharon Lee and Steve Miller novel in hardcover *before* Worldcon. Like now.

Right. Order now and avoid the Labor Day rush, the Halloween Rush, the Thanksgiving Rush, the Christmas rush, the Valentine's Day Rush. Oh yeah, in another break with tradition, there's a pretty good chance that Crystal Soldier will *not* be breaking at Boskone. We've an invite to SheVaCon in February, and so does Meisha Merlin, so Crystal Soldier might be breaking there, instead.

I think one of the reasons this early ordering is happening is that this year we've got a "late" worldcon -- it doesn't start until September 2. That means some of the other stuff that needs to be done by fall could be as much as a week or even two weeks behind if they waited until *after* Labor Day

Feel free to carry this news elsewhere, since right now Meisha Merlin is still without a PR person and we're in the midst of a couple of pre-worldcon deadlines.

The direct link was working this morning...


You know, I keep hearing from people that we'll get tired of news like award nominations, being on bestseller lists, having another book with a book club, being invited to conventions, and having a book "go live" for ordering.

I dunno... I'm still excited about this stuff. I'm like a kid waiting for his birthday present about seeing the next cover. Maybe after the next dozen books I'll be blase. But right now, I'm pysched.

Still stuff to do -- we gotta get the excerpt CS chapters ready, got to get with Embiid about the electronic CS book, got to see if Buzzy Multimedia will have news about Local Custom before WorldCon, got to get Bud Webster's paperwork done on The Joy of Booking: Webster's Guide to Selling Used SF & Fantasy, I have a chapbook to finish writing... plus a bunch of PR stuff that needs printed.

Expect me to be scarce for a few days.