August 14th, 2004


Beautiful day outside, me inside

Way it goes sometimes. Tomorrow, I'm told to expect:

Showers and scattered thunderstorms with gusty winds and locally heavy rain possible. Highs around 70. South winds 15 to 20 mph.
Sunday Night
Mostly cloudy with a chance of showers and thunderstorms in the evening...then partly cloudy after midnight.

Today, though, I took a walk between things, talked to my neighbor about boats and chance of me buying one for local coastal cruising. OK movie producers -- take that option, big-time, the boy wants a power-boat... and with temps at about 78 degrees with ultimate blue skies and a light breeze, why shouldn't I have day-on-the-water thoughts, even if I am a dedicated hard-working (and sometimes grumpy about it) freelancer.

Meanwhile, more on Worldcon -- as the con comes closer I'll post my complete schedule -- say Monday before, when it is pretty solid. But -- I've added an even of sorts -- I help staff the SFWA table Thursday at 2:00. Alas, that'll mean I miss one of Sharon's panels. On the other hand, I think Sharon is skipping one of mine so she can... wait for it ... help staff the SFWA table. That's the table in the dealer's room. This is good thing for SFWAns with some free time to do, I think -- and there's also still some autographing spots open.

We have a couple of signing times already set for the con, so we won't be doing that side of the table -- but for folks who couldn't get on the con schedule (or who got a "bad" time), this is a great way to get in front of people, too.

Meanwhile, I'm waiting on a bio for the one chapbook I'm working up, and trying to get my head into the original stuff I need to write within the next 5 days so my chapbook will will be ready in time for worldcon.

Right. This is August, less than three weeks before Worldcon. Sometimes I think the only reason I remember Labor Day and Memorial Day is because of the conventions that are basically pegged to them.
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Jethri Unbound


Jethri Unbound and other amazon mysteries. Over the last couple days Balance of Trade in hardback has had see-sawing rankings at It's been rushing up to 4200 or so and dropping back to the low 20s or upper teens (at last sighting it was at 18,817) -- I suspect in part because our readers have discovered that the new Diamond Distribution agreement means that the trade paper version, once expected in late May, has been delayed until November to allow the Diamond sales force to properly spread the word. So some folks have been biting the bullet and going for the hardback -- after all, with the generous discount it

That's all well-and-good, but in the meanwhile the trade paper version of Balance of Trade on amazon has been undergoing a number of ... transitions. The latest is that, if you go to the hardcover edition, you'll find it shows "other editions"... and that one of the other editions is... "Unbound"."

Right - and if you click on that link -- will get you there --
you'll discover that this not yet available unbound edition is...

Balance of Trade [Published in English]
by Sharon Lee, Steve Miller

Well... do tell. Published in English. Go Jethri!
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