August 11th, 2004


Waiting for ...

Waiting for...

the Department of Environmental Persecution to get their rep here to tell us why they want to put Yet Another Gas-seeking Well in our front yard. In fact, they want to put it right where the lawn has *just recovered* from the well they filled in with concrete some years back.

This is making progress on editing the chapbook difficult; I've got it poured for a rough layout but need some solid time. Said rep was (we thought) supposed to be here somewhere around an hour ago. My concentration lags when every passing car grabs my attention -- "Is this him, finally?"

In other news -- we're watching bemusedly as the numbers for the two Balance of Trade bounce around. The hardback was up into the low 1000s over the weekend, which we put down to the review in RT Book Club. Surprising us, this morning the trade paper started off at 9700 (it hit 5900 on the weekend, very briefly), though it's now fallen back to 64,000 and change. The thing is that the trade paper edition is now showing a corrected November publication date.

Also, we spoke with Embiid's Richard Michaels yesterday, who informs us that the ebook schedule will be getting caught up quickly, and that all our currently available ebooks are just that -- currently available. Don't let the slightly unfinished look of the page dissuade you: ordering works.

And, we're up in some ways not related to the DEP and our front lawn... we have news that Such A Pretty Face has earned out and that we'll be getting a small but real royalty check RSN, and -- we've seen the review of Low Port in the July Chronicle. Michael Jones has (unlike some reviewers we won't name) both read and paid attention to the book. The review is upbeat for us as editors and for a number of our authors.
Good job, Michael.

And, still, we're waiting for the DEP guy. Now about 90 minutes behind schedule.
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