August 4th, 2004


Stuff happens

I've had a chance to look at the text of one of the upcoming chapbook projects; so far so good. I'll be pouring a preliminary layout in the next couple days; looks like it'll fit without too much finagling, so the budget ought to be good. Now all I have to do is get the details done in time for WorldCon. As soon as the title is solid I'll mention it here.

Also on chapbooks -- the one I'm working on has a section done. A small section, but a section. Now I need to find those notes I made...

WorldCon starts to solidify for us. We're hoping to have a chance to sign at the Pandemonium Books table early in the con, maybe Friday -- I think our official convention signing is Sunday morning. Also Friday evening (and you're all invited) will be the Liaden Universe party hosted by the Friends of Liad. Looks like (more or less same time same station)Saturday that same room will be used by the Meisha Merlin party.

Today a shipment we were hoping for did *not* arrive. Sigh.

Talked with Stephe Pagel today, getting a (thankfully relatively short)list of questions/comments/fix-thises on Crystal Solider. Sharon's busily marking the pages so we can go over them at length together.

Got my semi-official RASFC pin the other day: looks real good; I hope to be wearing mine at Worldcon. The alphabet soup... that's for Rec Arts SF Composition on Usenet -- a place a bunch of current as well as could-be, might-be, and wanna-be writers working in the genres hang out. You can also find some of these types over on

Waiting to hear from the AlbaCon folks. Yikes -- it's only about 8 weeks away!

More as time permits
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