August 3rd, 2004


Still trying to get caught up

Still trying to get caught up on things like:

answering email -- have another dozen or two messages to get to that came in during and as a result of the trip to Trinc*con

con report -- for Trinoc*con. Sad thing is we have hardly any photos and there were quite a few neat moments. Did we mention the Edger-shaped box that was build to hold a manuscript fragment for the charity auction?

SRM Publisher orders -- slight backlog while we wait for a couple chapbooks to get reprinted. They're to be here RSN... sigh.

WorldCon planning -- don't have a firm time for the Liaden Universe party, for an SRM party, and etc. Not sure if we should try to have the Friends of Liad breakfast in the con hotel... our last breakfast there wasn't all that pleasant a thing ( we had good company but bad service).

brags -- haven't caught up on all of them, either. For example, just this morning someone mentioned that of you go to
you'll find a Liaden Universe card ... and it looks like we'll have a bit of commentary (just under 700 characters worth) in an upcoming SFBC newsletter -- we assume it'll be the one with the SFBC's edition of Balance of Trade in it...

exercise -- I'm about two miles down for the week... I hate exercising in the heat.

cat combing -- the cats *really* need to be brushed in weather like this, but they tend to droop and/or melt. Maybe later...

family -- got visitors due in from Maryland this week
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