August 2nd, 2004


Hot time in the country

Nah, not hot like in the old college days in Baltimore: 105 degrees outside and me working as a laborer installing insulation in the ceilings of apartment complexes... or in high school -- 105 outside and me working in a seafood restaurant steaming crabs.

High in the mid eighties, and too much humidity is what we're looking at today. Alas, I'm not used to this anymore. Quick, I'll go to the basement to write today...

Meanwhile, today is starting with packing of books and such; tomorrow I'm scheduled to get a chapbook in -- with luck to be done at worldcon. Oh yeah, I found those last three Embiid edition Advance Reading Copy of Balance of Trade. Very rare. Wonder if I should put it on Ebay.
Would anyone even notice?
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    The Waybacks -- Devolver