August 1st, 2004


Next month, this time, changes start

Which is to say 10:30 AM September 1... we ought to be on our way to WorldCon 2004.

I'm looking forward to Noreascon for a lot of reasons. One is that... I simply like the worldcon atmosphere. I'll get to see friends I've met -- and friends I've only corresponded with electronically, or even by snailmail. I get to talk (yes, I know many of you know I like to talk...) and I get to see (and maybe bid on) some of the best art available. Walking the dealer's room will take up a few hours of my time...

Also, this worldcon will mark a shift of sorts in our "convention policy." The writing has now reached something of a plateau where trying to write faster clashes with the collaborative style we've grown fond of. So after worldcon, we're going to have to be a bit less available for conventions in general in the next couple years.

Yes, I know, I have a reputation for telling young writers to go to conventions as often as they can. On the other hand, if we'd have attended all the conventions, workshops, and signings we were invited to this year, we would have been away from home 88 days. I suppose I'm not a young writer any longer...

How's that math work? Well, this year, including the projected worldcon appearance, we're looking at a total *actually committed* appearance schedule of close to 50 days, once travel time is factored in. That's 50 days of reduced writing time (yes, we can write on the train -- sometimes, yes we can write in the hotel room -- sometimes) and often increased expenses. And I'm not quite the kid I used to be, so diet and rest now have to be fully factored into appearances along with deadlines and the general wear-and-tear on our cat sitter.

So, now it looks like we're going to be limiting distant conventions to a couple a year; not only will we be looking at how far in advance they're able to schedule us but how close they are to other frequent or expected travel dates, and how we can synergize them. Next year's NASFIC... may be a miss for us, for example, unless we can turn it into a book tour of sorts. We're scheduled for ShevaCon next year, so we may have to give another con a miss.

All this is moot, of course, if we win the lottery, or a seal a big movie deal, and can get a Liaden Universe tour bus with a full-time driver and an office manager on the road.

Yeah, right.

Meanwhile, there's writing to do.