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it came out of the wordwork

As partially mentioned elsewhere
Some things going on. Keeping busy.

One - we've been promising to tell the Jela and Cantra story next.
This hasn't been a secret -- we've talked about it at conventions for
sometime now.

The next two Liaden Universe books are (in part) the story of the
Migration, including how Jela and the tree "met" and how Cantra and
Jela happened to fall in together. I guess this isn't really much of
a spoiler -- I suspect you'd find this info out on the cover of the

Crystal Soldier (book one in The Great Migration Duology) is due out
in February, 2005. We need to name the second book RSN; in fact we
may consider that our job over the weekend. Book Two of the Great
Migration is due in stores in February 2006.

Two -- There will be no "Turtle book" in the forseeable future, if at
all. We don't have the time or the inclination. The Clutch are extremely difficult to write properly; we'd rather leave them be than rush something out. This is
not to say the Clutch will not be involved in future books, but they
will not be the central characters of a book-length story from us any
time soon.

Three -- We both have other, non-Liaden projects somewhat in the
works; one of them is due at *exactly* the same time as the second
Migration book. If you see us mention Sword of Orion... that's the
currently contracted "outside project" I'm doing the first draft of.

After that... there will be more Liaden stories. Do not expect the
focus of other books or stories to necessarily be on the characters
who have been center stage before.

Four -- we're due to talk to several editors at WorldCon; if we
forget, ask us about other plans for 2006 and 2007 and beyond after

Five -- we just heard that... it looks like Balance of Trade will
hang on in the Locus hardcover bestseller list through August. This is neat, especially since there have been several delays in the publication of the paper version.

As things now stand we expect the trade edition of BoT will
hit in time for Christmas. Our publisher is working with a new distributor -- perhaps we'll have front-of-store presence in a few places. Meanwhile, BoT will be hitting the SFBC.. perhaps in time for Christmas. We just wrote something aimed at the SFBC newsletter -- we hope they'll use it.

Six -- I *am so* working on the character chapbook. Hope to have it at Worldcon, PCF.. (that's Please Cross Fingers). Also (PCF)we hope to have another non-fiction chapbook, this by Bud Webster, in time for WorldCon. Timing is everything.

Seven -- we're still working on our WorldCon schedule for SRM Publisher. RSN we should have some news about that.