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it came out of the wordwork

Vidiots... today's rantipole topic
I find the insistence that I be bombarded by video wherever I go... unsettling.

Not too long ago Irving Mainway added an "in-store network" to their convenience stores, annoying me no end, and of course there's the "free! video! movies!" one must endure while traveling long distance on public conveyance.

Thus, though I watch little TV and few movies, I have a candidate for worst movie of the year. You are hearby warned to avoid "Along Came Polly," a supposed comedy (I assume). Though we haven't heard it, we did *see* it both on Amtrak and on Concord Trailways. We were able to figure out the plot with little trouble, despite reading and looking out the window to avoid it when possible. There's stupid bathroom jokes, stupid wedding jokes, stupid people. The worst part may be the ongoing visual "joke" about the blind ferret.

Oh yeah, this means we're back. Today's mission -- getting passport photos, catching up on food for the refrigerator and a mail run. Then, some chapbook work and some Sword of Orion stuff in the evening.

When you see me in person feel free to ask about how we almost got in trouble for taking photos in the train station. At least in the bus station they have the goodness to warn you via PA that no photos are allowed. In the train station you are forced to talk to rent-a-cops to find out (after the fact) if what you're doing is wrong.