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it came out of the wordwork

Choosing shirts and socks and matching blades...
Tonight, actually, we pack. I spent much of the day delivering books to a dealer in NH... who we expect to see Friday. Don't ask... a sad story of just *knowing* something that isn't true.

As part of that delivery i had a nice chat with a librarian in Derry. There's a chance we may be giving a talk there in the near to moderate future. You all knew that -- right? -- that we *do* talk to libraries for very reasonable fees? If you've got a library needing speakers with experience in the SF publishing area, let them know and we may speak at a library near you.

Some stuff goes on while I travel fixing my error, like the knife that I'd accidentally worn in swimming...

Luckily, soaking the knife in light oil for a few moments and letting it drain and then carefully cleaning it !one! !more! !time! seems to have done the trick -- so my Swiss Knife is revived. The Leatherman is in fine shape, thanks, and ready to travel.

Tomorrow we shove everything into the truck and turn keys and cat food over to the cat-sitter, and then forward to Portland/Boston/DC/Durham, destination Trinoc*con, for our third guest gig, and second GoH gig, in 50 some days. I think this is the trip that puts me over 40,000 train-miles to conventions. Or is it 30,000? Certainly more than 20,000...

Today's writing schedule is toast. Blame the Maine Turnpike dwindling to a single lane, blame the fog between Lewiston and gray, blame... my silly optimism. Thanks to Judith of Genre, Ink -- a bookmistress of amazing energy! -- for rescuing our need-to-be-in-North-Carolina copies of Balance of Trade

At least the truck is air-conditioned. The weather was foggy/muggy/clear/stormy/rain/distant-lightning/stormy/rain, fog/muggy. Blech of a trip scenery wise, except for a few odd views from the top of the Piscataqua River bridge out-and-back. I find gas on and near the turnpike at $2.05/gallon today, and in the hinterlands it's at $1.82 to $1.87.

Arrive home to discover one of our publishers has called, needing input. Sigh. Input happens. Cool. This means, BTW, that Crystal Soldier is actively being read by said publisher as we speak. We get editorial suggestions at Trinoc*con... cross fingers.

If it matters, I support the Columbus in 2007 WorldCon bid. if you vote on such things, I hope you'll give them a serious look. I know some of the Columbus Committee and Columbus and I go way back... my first "solo" professional appearance in SF happened there in 1974 or 75... Hint -- if Japan wins, I won't be there. Vote that how you will. Well, wait... my first professional appearance in SF was at WorldCon in 1974 when I was part of the UMBC team displaying fanzines and buying art and picking up the typescript of Foundation....(dating myself, eh?), so it was probably MarCon in 1975 when I first went to Columbus... it was a *long* bus trip from Baltimore.

Some of you I will see in NC. Most of you I will see sometimes else. Like Noreascon. Or ShevaCon. Or somewhere on a bookshelf near you.