July 18th, 2004


Getting up to speed

We took off most of yesterday; today will be the real start of the run-up to Trinoc*con.

We'll be charging my camera and laptop, copying some files, checking on hotel arrangements, washing con-going clothes, finding my "extra" pair of glasses. finalizing the selection of stories to read, packing books to ship... and otherwise clearing the deck -- all while trying to keep the other projects in mind and in gear.

I've got a scene in Sword of Orion I want to finish before we go; I also need to get some SRM Publisher stuff in order and consider how we want to go on about the passport application. I'm tempted to take a day or so in Canada for my birthday (coming up RSN) which would mean we'll need those birth certificates to get across the border coming home.

On top of all of it, there's extra noise. We've got the air conditioner on since I tend to wilt once my personal comfort number approaches 150 if the temperature is over 70 -- that number is numeric sum of the temperature in degrees F and the percentage of humidity.

More later
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