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it came out of the wordwork

Down the cash drain, through the lost time loop
Got a note from my ISP warning me that at current usage rated I'd be exceeding my monthly disk-allocation by a good bit. Enough that I'd be facing at least a $100 overage charge if it keeps up. This was a surprise since I usually have (by policy) about two to three times more space than I'm actively using...

The problem? Spam. So... I went in an nuked an account, losing 500 megs of spam.
What a waste of time and money.

Time, misapplied...

Now I'm off course for the day. I hate to switch gears between technical stuff (call up the *nix and DOS thinking, go back to command line, back to running hands-on the files and permissions -- easy to get lost in the elegance of that kind of thought, reminds me of the days I cobbled up my first mail-run scripts to fetch FidoNet feeds, when I'd get calls for the sysop...) and the writing stuff, which is another kind of of if-then thinking entirely. Circular Logic. How simple it would be to revive Circular Logic and let the world recede....

I dunno. Maybe next year we'll just take off from the con circuit and play in the software and hardware again. Do some PHP stuff, play in the Linux with a 64 bit box...I can always put together a couple more computers, get me a direct to satellite feed, and go.


Meanwhile, to have any of that freedom next year, I have got to get another 1000 words or so under belt today, and tomorrow, and keep on charging this year.