July 14th, 2004


Some days work

Out and about for awhile today, lucky to miss the trip-through-Albion-roadwork, though I ended up stuck on the Winslow bridge (usually 4 lanes, currently 2 lanes) for about fifteen minutes. Luckily I had the truck, so I could hear WKIT -- and as it's Wednesday -- Anything Can Happen Day -- I got songs -- a Dave Mason, a ZZ TOP, a Warren Zevon, -- and a weather report to pull me through. Stopped at Subway to bring home lunch since I'd been out shopping and was hungry early...

The news at the computer is that -- at this rate of work -- the Sword of Orion very-rough-draft ought to be done about November 1. To keep to that I'll have to have some double-days, since we've got a convention coming up... but then August is amazingly clear of stuff except a doctor's appointment, so there's hope that SoO will at least of some real shape before Thanksgiving.

Speaking of upcoming conventions, I spent some time today on the phone with a /c/o/-/c/o/n/s/p/i/r/a/t/o/r/ fellow panelist at Trinoc*con. If the schedule settles the way it is supposed to we'll be doing a dialog about real-world DIY weather forecasting... for Mars. The project is already somewhat in gear, so we'll also talk about what it may mean for terrestrial forecasting. Would anyone out there be interested in a distributed network of home weather stations, I wonder?

I was pleased to see the American League come out on top; now all I have to do is hope the Orioles stay healthy so they can finish the year at 500 or above...
... that's me, always the optimist.

We'll be sending the manuscript of Crystal Soldier out for art tomorrow... wish us luck.
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