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it came out of the wordwork

Things I've seen or done this morning...
Things I've seen or done this morning include

http://chronicle.com/free/v50/i43/43c00101.htm -- about plagarism...scary story...
shared with professor friend of mine who has been known to flunk plagarists.

http://money.cnn.com/2004/07/13/technology/internet_piracy.reut/index.htm -- about electronic piracy... yes, I see that they didn't mention books. Books are passe. If they've included books I think the numbers would have been higher...

Also been trying to route some copies of Balance of Trade to Trinc*con since we've discovered that we're not able to take a couple of extra boxes with us on the train from Portland to Boston... what a pain!

And, am watching rec.arts.sf.composition to see when I can order my RASFC official cat-vacuuming pin. Lively group, by the way, for genre *writing* folk.

Meanwhile, planning lunch (corn on the cob for sure, what else is still up in the air...) and then looking for a three or four hour run to finish one project and let me move on to Sword of Orion tonight or tomorrow...

I'd be absolutely fine if it wasn't for the silly politcal situation -- but that's a topic i don't have immediate time for.

More later, likely

WorldCon plans anyone
Noreascon approaches...

who else will be there.. and will there be an "official" SLOF presence?