June 28th, 2004


Mixed day, no chapter

I'd been hoping for a some work on the chapter today. What's accomplished today? Thinking about the story. And odds & ends. Drives here and there.

Some modest news --
http://www.buzzymultimedia.com/ actually shows that the folks are serious about the Local Custom audio book on CD. That's cool. Still no narrator listed. Maybe I ought to do a poll to see who people want...

Other news --
Partners in Necessity. Meisha Merlin has a -- few 5 or so -- copies in the warehouse; what else is out there for the moment are copies you might find in local stores. MM is considering some updating of distribution arrangements -- might affect how/if the book is available. For that matter, Balance of Trade in hardcover is getting pretty scarce. Some distributors have copies, and we have a couple here -- and MM has has a few dozen, some of which some will be reserved for convention sales. The softcover is, eventually, on the way. This year. Really.

Went shopping for a SmartMedia card today -- actually wanted a couple of 128 meg cards... and in all of Waterville there was but one (1) 64 meg card, which is a backup for both of our cameras. If you know a good (and inexpensive) source of Smartmedia cards drop me a note -- both of our good cameras depend on them! I looked in Staples (none) and Teckwave (none) and bought the last they had at K-Mart.

Spent time fidgeting with faxes and a bunch of online banking and etc kinds of things -- not *real* banking, but letting some of the accounts know I have a new address, thanks to the town's sudden street renumbering. Boring.

The good folks from Trinoc*con have sent us a spread sheet of convention events...looks like 93 items. I expect we ought to find something to do. Me? Looks like we'll have a special item for the charity auction. A real uniquity. Be there or be square, I guess. Also looks like the worldbuilding through character workshop thingie is on -- that ought to be fun.

Talked to my father who art in Florida, not to be confused with my stepfather who has a b'day on July 4 in Maryland. 91 degrees? Too hot for me, I say. He amused me with the tale of the time (some years back) when he and a friend fled an island ahead of a pair of waterspouts, returning some days later to find their case of beer -- sitting apparently untouched -- amid downed trees and etc... He says he's getting his email back in gear, which'll be cool.

Gas prices down. $1.82/9 at one station, $1.85/9 at another. May the fall continue -- getting to our SRM Publisher post office box in Unity has been costing us on the order of two gallons a round-trip. Ughh...

Story stuff woke me last night, which is why I was so hoping to get something on paper/file today. Harumph. I'll charge up the laptop tomorrow and get it ready for the beach. Looking forward to the beach, I am. And am tired, and hungry. Guess I should rescue Sharon from her reading and propose dinner.