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it came out of the wordwork

Armies and writers
Armies and writers...

Travel on their stomachs. As I've aged I've become fonder of food; perhaps I should blame my mother's cooking (largely consisting of can-opened vegetables, mashed or boiled potatoes, and today's cheap meat) or my mother's smoking -- which she finally gave up after 35 years.

She smoked all the time I lived in her house, as did my stepfather -- and always at meals. Turns out that her " a little smoke never hurt anyone" is a lie (or at least an error), and that in fact I *am* somewhat allergic to cigarette smoke. When I moved out I lost that "nervous cough" I'd had most of my life...

Having become fonder of food, my doctor insists that my lifestyle as a writer is too quiet. My cholesterol was a bad mix, my blood pressure was up...and so we went through a general re-dieting of the household starting about a year and half ago. Result? Much better mix of cholesterol and a lower blood pressure. A side effect? Many of our meals are experiments...

This morning, for example, while talking about our up-coming working vacation, I fixed breakfast. Had had breakfast oatmeal three days running... needed something weekendish, vacationish. Since we are going away soon to the ocean I hadn't bothered to shop for home, so I found I had 1 high-omega egg, 2 eggs worth of egg-beaters... and stuff.

So we had eggs du jour -- both egg-like items mixed with a little skim milk and some no-fat sour cream, combined with some dry veggie flakes (two teaspoons, microwaved 4 minutes on 4 with a half cup of carrot-water to reconstitute)... and as I looked at the ingredients and knew it was feeding both of us, it looked like it needed potatoes (Mom's influence?).

Had no fresh potato. Did't want to use mashed potato flakes... so I dropped a tablespoon of olive oil in the no-stick pan, heated it to medium, dumped in the half-cup or so of leftover potato salad, heated and stirred that for a few minutes until one or two of the edges showed brown, whisked the other stuff and poured it over... and after several minutes, stirred the whole, dropped some no-fat cheese cheese crumbles (Kraft). On my square grill, meanwhile, I'd been heating some Veggie Breakfast Bacon Strips while Sharon put cinnamon and chocolate into the coffee.

So, yes, I wasn't sure if the putting the salad in would work... but it did. The veggie strips went well with it, and now the kitchen smells like a proper breakfast, even two hours later.

Now, before I work on Sword of Orion I've got to get some email out of the way, answer Bud Webster, choose some music to take to the ocean (maybe I ought to let rolanni choose first... we each get six), and find my laptop to get it ready for the trip.