June 25th, 2004


Chapter 2 and stuff

Chapter 2... of Sword of Orion

Is still not finished; I've got to do better about staying in gear once I get in gear. For that matter I haven't been keeping up with my journal as much as I want to, but hey, I'm trying. This may be harder next week, though, when we'll be sitting oceanside for a few days. I'll have the laptop with me; not sure I'll have any net access whatsoever.

I did get through most of the Belgariad over the weekend, finishing the last on Monday, and am trying to see what lessons there are in it....

The chapbook on character gets some attention this weekend. The cats get some attention this weekend. And -- assuming the on-signing check for SoO gets here today or tomorrow -- I may spend some time trying to choose which satellite radio system to get, or if we should get any at all. As it is, we live in an area with few decent radio stations and several of the ones we had were swallowed up by Clear Channel, so they're now playing the equivalent of elevator music much of the time. If we *don't* get satellite radio I guess the option is more frequent CD buying... it does seem that having music and particularly new/different music about is an important component of getting writing done in this house. Sigh.

Saw yet another discussion of learning to write where a fanfic fanatic was explaining how useful writing fanfic is to new writers. I think writing any fiction is useful to new writers; I doubt that writing fanfic has special virtue for neophytes and in fact think it slows learning by encouraging sterotypical characterization and paperboard (or rather studio back-lot)world-building.